End-to-end risk management

Risk management is a continual process. KikenRM platform complies with all the facets of the risk management process described in ISO31000 standard for risk management, such as context, risk assessment, risk treatment, recording and reporting, etc.

Kiken roadmap correlates with The Project Management Canvas. 

  • High level
  • Options
  • Success
  • Measure
  • Foundation
  • Time, Cost, Quality
  • Accountable
  • Requirements
  • Activities
  • Scope
  • Work breakdown
  • Action plan
  • Sequence
  • Dependencies
  • Gantt chart
  • Timeframe
  • People
  • Materials
  • Equipment
  • Budget
  • Risk identification
  • Assessment
  • Risk response
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Coordinate
  • Negotiate
  • Consistency
  • Project review
  • Consolidate
  • Handover
  • Rewarding
  • Acknowledge
  • Team success
Monitor and review

End-to-end compliance management

KikenRM platform is developing compliance with all the facets of the compliance management process described in ISO19600 standard for compliance management.

End-to-end business continuity management

KikenRM platform is planning compliance with all the facets of the Business Continuity Management (BCM) process described in ISO22301/313 standard for BCM.