ISO 31000

KikenRM platform complies with all the facets of the risk management process described in ISO 31000 standard for risk management, such as context, communication, risk identification, assessment and response.

Context / objectives

What is the context?
Key objectives?

Identify risk

Risks to objectives?
Risk categories?
Cause and effect on objectives?

Assess risk

Assess likelihood and consequences?
Overall risk level?
Existing controls?

Risk response

Risk response options?
Resources required?
Managing risk responses?
Documenting outcomes?


What do I need to communicate?
Who needs the information?
Which strategies to use?

Monitor and review

User features


  • Global dashboard
  • Department dashboard
  • Individual dashboard


  • Flexible reporting
  • Data export
  • Filter and searching

Risk matrix / Risk appetite

Risk baseline
  • standard risk assessment matrix
  • custom risk assessment matrix
  • risk appetite estimation

Original risk ◯
Out of appetite: 75%

Current risk ◎
Moderate: 50%

Future risk ◉
Low: 25%

  C1: Negligible C2: Minor C3: Moderate C4: Severe C5: Catastrophic
L5: Almost certain        
L4: Likely          
L3: Possible        
L2: Unlikely        
L1: Rare          
  Low Medium High


Platform content moderation engine allows flexible workflow management (e.g. Draft > Review > Published states and transitions), with different user roles having specific permissions to move from one state to the next.

Platform content moderation extension provides:

  • Default workflows configuration
  • Storage for individual states on content entities
  • A number of admin forms for configuring the workflows and how they apply
  • Permissions matrix to match user roles with workflow states and transitions